FTM Form Eliminating T-Shirt

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FTM Form Eliminating T-Shirt – Multiple Colors


This shirt binds and slims the chest and hides bumps and rolls, helping you to achieve an all-natural appearance without any of the discomfort that accompanies those other compression tops you are so used to wearing.

FTM Form Eliminating T-Shirt

If you are a trans man or non-binary person looking to achieve a flatter chest appearance and have non-conforming form, you have probably seen the range of chest binders on the market. You might have even tried a few and discovered they don’t work for you for one reason or another. But our FTM Form Eliminating T-Shirt is something different!

While some chest binders don’t offer the results you were looking for, others give you results but feel uncomfortable while you wear them. If you are looking for a better solution, the FTM chest flattening t-shirt is the solution for which you have been searching. You deserve a quality t-shirt that gives you the appearance you want, and that is what we offer because we care about your needs. Explore the top reasons why this top could be right for you. This garment is available in sizes ranging from Medium to X-Large and is available in Black, White, and Navy.

100% Cotton Provides All Day Comfort

If comfort is not a priority for you when you go about your daily life, it should be. Our FTM chest flattening t-shirt is made from 100% cotton for enhanced comfort you notice. Some shirts that flatten chest make it hard for you to move, and you don’t want to face that problem each time you put on your chest binder shirt. You want a free range of movements without feeling smashed or restricted.

With our FTM Form Eliminating T-Shirt, you get the look  you want while feeling comfortable at the same time. It’s so comfortable that you might forget it’s there a few hours after putting it on. We achieve this level of comfort by crafting our chest binders to match your body movements all day. You get quality results and the perfect fit, achieving the best of both worlds. You must try this chest binder to believe it.

Special Fabric Eliminates Form and Adds Durability

Strength is another factor you can never overlook when it comes to a form eliminating garment. The chest binder you buy should last for as long as you need it and hold its shape. Our t-shirts are constructed from tightly woven 8 oz cotton that are designed to maintain its structure.

Our strong, thick fabric will never break, stretch or rip when you least expect it. Having a shirt rip in the middle of a social event or have a see-though shirt you are at work is a situation you should never have to face. When you wear our 100% cotton FTM Form Eliminating T Shirt, you can have confidence, style, and stealth all in one.

T Shirts Eliminate Form, But Never Style

All trans people and non-binary folk deserve the style that makes the most sense to them and their tastes. Nobody wants a chest binder or garment that restricts the type of clothes they wear, so pick one that offers enhanced flexibility. The FTM Form Eliminating T Shirt shirts are classic cut and work well with any style of which you think.

You can choose from black, navy or white t-shirts, allowing you to find one that works with dark or light clothes. Whether you are going to the gym, a friend’s house or a corporate event, you can wear this top with confidence.

Your Satisfaction Comes First

At Confidence Bodywear, we put your needs and satisfaction above all else. We strive to meet your needs in more ways than one, and our team is always searching for ways to better serve you. The quality of our products speaks for itself and has earned the trust of our past customers. If you have any questions or concerns about anything we sell, we are happy to answer them and point you in the right direction.

We designed the FTM Form Eliminating T Shirt with your needs in mind. If you need a chest binder or concealing top that offers the rare combination of comfort, style and strength, you have come to the right place. Wear our chest binder to any occasion that comes to mind because it sits under your outfit without detection. When you put it on for the first time, you will know buying this chest binder was a fantastic investment. Place your order today.

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