Outie Innie™ Belly Button Cover

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Outie Innie Belly Button Cover


Outie Belly Button Solution

Flatten that outtie and regain your confidence! The Outie Innie™ by Brooke's Baby Essentials is a medical grade belly button cover designed to practically eliminate the look of an outie belly button underneath clothing. The belly button cover can be discretely worn with any tight fitting clothing, even a bathing suit! 

No More Bandaids!

Brooke's Baby Essentials belly button cover was created to replace the old "bandaid trick". Before the Outie Innie, some women might wear a bandaid underneath their garment as a quick fix to eliminate the potentially embarrassing look of an outie belly button during pregnancy. The problem is that the bandaid can be easily identified by its shape and the distinct cloth center, potentially making your outie more noticeable. The Outie Innie was conceived as a solution to the "bandaid" trick.

Medical Grade Materials

The Outie Innie belly button cover is a form fitting belly button cover made with  medical grade polyethylene and hypoallergenic adhesive that is both sweat proof and water resistant. The Outie Innie ™ is a one time use belly button cover. The product comes in a pack of 10 single use covers. Each cover is 2.16 inches in diameter and large enough to cover most outie belly buttons.

Outie Belly Button Pregnancy 

A women's belly typically begins to expand and change durning the second trimester of pregnancy. In some women, the force of abdomen pushing forward causes the belly button to pop out. The result can be an outie belly button.

 Outie Navel Changes

Some women might be embarrassed by the transformation and the look of their belly button. Unfortunately, there is nothing a pregnant women can do to prevent an outie from occurring. But, products like the Outie Innie can be used as an outie navel cover to mask the look while wearing clothing. Like many of the changes during pregnancy, an outie belly button is harmless.

Wear those tight clothes! Wear that bathing suit! The Outie Innie™ will give you that smooth belly feel, which will make you look and feel great!

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