FTM Binder Compression Tank Top

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FTM Binder Compression Tank Top


The FTM binder compression tank top is a chest binder that will flatten your chest in an instant to give you a masculine shape that lets your body shine the way you have always wanted. Gain the confidence that comes with taking control of your body and giving it a shape that makes sense for who you are and how you feel inside.

FTM Binder Compression Tank Top for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People

If you are gender non-confirming or transgender and are looking for a more refined and flatter upper body, you have come to the right place. The FTM binder compression tank top safely compresses your chest to reveal the flatter, masculine appearance for which you have been searching. This compression garment has your needs and comfort in mind from start to finish, and you will know quality is a No. 1 priority when you put it on for the first time.

Wear A FTM Binder for Comfort and Ease

Comfort often comes to mind with any compression shirt. When you buy a compression shirt to shape your body and flatten chest, you want to know you are getting a comfortable experience. Some compression shirts might leave you feeling stiff and uncomfortable as you go about your day. While some compression shirts harm your comfort, you don’t need to worry about that problem with the FTM binder compression tank top.

This shirt features an elastic material that flexes to match your body movements. You get the results you want without restricting your body movements or feeling like you can’t breathe. You deserve the body you have always wanted without giving up comfort, and you can have it sooner than ever with this shirt. This product offers so much comfort that you might even forget you are wearing it.

Strength and Durability

You want a product that stands the test of time when you buy a shirt that offers the masculine shape you want and deserve. If you have tried other products on the market, you have learned that not all of them are equal. Some shirts are made with weak fabrics that don’t last long when you use them every day. When you put them on, they sometimes rip or snap at the worst possible time and make you reconsider your purchase.

Confidence Bodywear’s FTM binder is comfortable and durable for your peace of mind. It will retain is form and strength no matter if you are going for a walk down the street or to the gym for an intense full-body workout. The strength of this binder shirt gives you confidence in any situation in which you find yourself.

Get Stealth and Peace of Mind

When you want to flatten chest, you don’t always want to advertise that fact to the entire world. You want a product that offers results without making your style choice obvious to everyone you encounter throughout your day. If you are a trans person who can relate to that point of view, you will be thrilled you discovered this product.

Our FTM Binder flattens your chest in a way that is undetectable to others. When you are ready to shape your body, you only have to put the shirt on and start your day. There aren’t any buttons or snaps that can show on your top layer. The people you encounter will have no idea you are wearing a product that binds your chest, and you never have to give it a second thought.

Our binder shirts come in M to 2XL to accommodate a variety of body types. You can choose black or white so that your tank top blends in with any outfit you choose for the day. If you are still not sure what you should do, you can place your order without risk. All products are guaranteed and your satisfaction is our number priority – you can return the FTM Binder Compression Tank Top if you are not happy with the fit, comfort or style. We keep your needs in mind and want you to have a positive experience each step of the way!

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