FTM Nipple Binder

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FTM Nipple Binder


This shirt binds and slims the chest and hides bumps and rolls, helping you to achieve an all-natural appearance without any of the discomfort that accompanies those other compression tops you are so used to wearing.

FTM Nipple Binders Flatten Chest and Protect From Chafing

If you are a trans man or non-binary folk looking for products that help you achieve the appearance you want, you have come to the perfect place. Our FTM Nipple Binder help flatten your chest while protecting your nipples from chafing. Our products are designed with your goals and needs in mind and we stand behind the quality of each product in our inventory. We have two sizes available – 1.38″ diameter and 2.13″ diameter- to meet the needs of trans folks of all body types and sizes..

The FTM Nipple Binders help provide confidence and give you a comfortable fit you are sure to enjoy. When you add this shirt to your collection, the flatter, form free chest you want is much closer than you think. All you have to do is apply over your nipples and put on your choice of binder and normal clothes. Choose between our two sizes that won’t show through your other outfit, and you will have peace of mind.


Nobody should have to choose between comfort and the look they want to achieve. The FTM Nipple Binder has comfort in mind, and you will know why when you put it on for the first time. Made from medical grade polyethylene, the flexible fabric matches your body’s movements and shape. The medical grade adhesive allows you to easier to put them on and off. It won’t take you long to forget you are wearing it!


Stealth is important for many non-binary folks who want a flatter masculine chest. If you feel the same way, you don’t want random people knowing you are using a binder . The makers of this shirt understand your perspective and kept stealth in mind at each stage of the manufacturing process.

The FTM Nipple Binder is small enough to go under the other shirts and outfits in your wardrobe so that nobody can tell it’s there. You will realize you can have a flatter chest without revealing how you achieved it. That simple tip lets you maintain the stealthy appearance of your chest binder.

Durability and Comfort

You want confidence that your nipple binder can withstand any activity in which you engage. If you have used other chest binders in the past, you might have felt some nipple irritation. With the nipple binder don’t want to find yourself in that situation again. You won’t have to worry about friction from your chest binder.

The FTM Nipple Binder is made of medical grade polyethylene and adhesive that you can trust to work. Whether you are working out or going to the grocery store, our areola covers do their job and withstand the test of time. Get the confidence that only comes with using a durable product which you can depend.

Getting Started

We aim to provide comfortable chest binders that let your personality shine. The stealthy design helps you stay comfortable while binding your chest and providing you the appearance you are looking for. Wear the nipple binders for casual occasions or formal events because it works well with all outfit types. No matter if you are hanging out with friends or going to a job interview, you will know that The FTM Nipple Binder has your back from start to finish.

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