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Managing Gynecomastia

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What is Gynecomastia?

With gynecomastia many instances go unreported due to the sensitive nature of this generally negatively viewed medical issue. It is something that can affect most all aspects of one’s daily life. It can affect you in the workplace, at social gatherings or even in the privacy of one’s own home. Here we are going to talk about managing and treating gynecomastia. Lets start with what is gynecomastia? You have probably heard this disorder mentioned before, albeit in layman’s terms and, unfortunately, in a joking fashion. The medical term seems to be less established since it has been superseded by such terms as “man boobs”, “man breast” and even “moobs.” Lack of sensitivity toward this condition has always been an issue and sadly results in isolation for a lot of males in our society. On the other hand, awareness of this more common than not condition is starting to gain traction and understanding among the masses. To put things into technical terms, this is an endocrine system disorder that targets male breast tissue with abnormal growth resulting in puffy nipples and an enlarged areola. These growths may be non-cancerous, but both the emotional and physical pain that ensues as a result of this condition is not a laughing matter.

What is it that causes this abnormal growth?

There are several known causes behind the development of this condition. For some men and boys, gynecomastia could be pinpointed to a hormonal issue present in the body. Breast tissue will react to the hormone known as estrogen by gaining excessive mass. Commonly, men and women both have some level of estrogen in their bodies. Women typically have more of the hormone circulating in their bodies than men do. Any increase in estrogen levels above normal levels in men will result in an increase in breast size. This excessive amount of estrogen is the most common cause of this condition in boys and men. It is considered normal in boys going through puberty and usually evens out on its own over time. For others, this condition can actually be a result of the prolonged use of recreational drugs, steroids or certain medications. These include morphine, bodybuilding and medical steroid, marijuana, methadone and even alcohol. All of these can affect a man’s hormonal balance in his body. In that case its the estrogen increase that brings about the unwanted male breast growth. Symptoms of the early stages of gyno development as a result of steroids include an irregular swelling and itching of the nipple and itchy armpits. Some times even more frighteningly, a hard, rubbery lump under the areola. You might be asking yourself, how can you manage or treat gynecomastia?

Options for Managing and Treating Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia surgery is the only way to really completely eliminate the condition.

Eliminating gynecomastia is an option available to patients who can afford the highly expensive gynecomastia surgery. However, just as is the case with any surgical procedure, there is a list of risks to take into consideration. Plenty of things can go wrong both under the knife as well as while going through the recovery period. Not everyone who goes under anesthesia handles it well; you could be allergic to it or have an adverse reaction. The risk for infection is always present. Aside from infection the possibility of permanent skin discoloration on the wound is also a factor. People opt for this operation despite risks involved. For the rest of us, money can be an issue since a surgery like this is sadly considered to be purely cosmetic. This means that unless your condition involves cancerous growths or serious pain you will end up pocketing all of the expense. Alternatives to surgery can include medication prescribed by a doctor or even radiation therapy - yikes! Seeing as all of these treatments tend to be rather painful, expensive or risky, it is not hard to see why most men and so many concerned parents of young teens would want to avoid all of this. How can you manage this condition?

Managing Gynecomastia

Managing Gyencomastia

If you or a loved one is suffering from this condition, treatment options can be a frustrating and mentally exhausting. It is especially important to keep in mind that we are dealing with a lot of developing teenage boys who require special consideration when sizing up all the options. This is where our team at Confidence Bodywear comes in. We understand the sensitivity that a condition like this requires both in education and in treatment, and we would like to offer a safe and financially conservative approach that makes managing gynecomastia more than bearable. Why hide gynecomastia? We believe in the importance of enjoying your daily life without the mental stress of having to be concerned with the constant struggle of grooming or hiding your appearance. That is why we have developed our exclusive lineup of compression shirts, shirts and nipple covers. Our products are manufactured with the greatest attention given to both the materials used as well as quality. Nipple covers, t-shirts and compression shirts are the least invasive and most comfortable ways of managing gynecomastia at any age. Here at Confidence Bodywear, we will continue to shine a light on the not so funny aspects of living with this often difficult condition and will work to help you get your quality of life back - without breaking the bank!

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