Puffy Nipples and Gynecomastia How to Reduce Puffy Nipples

How to Reduce Puffy Nipples

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Having large breasts might be great for women, but it's not something most men want. If you're experiencing the swollen nipples, enlarged breasts and large areola of unwanted man boobs, you are not alone. This condition affects almost half of all men at some stage in their lives. It's embarrassing and frustrating. Fortunately, lifestyle changes and the right compression garments can show you how to reduce the appearance of puffy nipples.

Do You Have Puffy Nipples?

The development of large breasts goes by the medical term gynecomastia. Some surveys find that more than 50% of men experience it at some point. You're probably experiencing the common symptoms like dense, heavy breasts and painful nipples.
Your nipples might also feel irritated by constant chafing. You're tired of being self-conscious at work and in social settings. You want to know what you can do today to look and feel your best.
Boys can also suffer from large breasts. In addition to the physical discomfort, you are probably getting teased a lot. Your breasts may go away in a few years, but you probably want help to look better now.

What Causes Enlarged Breasts In Men and Boys?

Hormone changes cause you to develop breasts or “moobs.” If your hormones swing wildly out of balance, your body will produce too much estrogen. At the same time, your levels of testosterone will drop. Many things can cause hormone imbalances. Puberty: During puberty, your hormones naturally go through many changes. Hormone swings cause many teenagers to develop male breasts. Fortunately, the condition usually goes away in a few years. Obesity: Being overweight can cause your breasts to swell as they accumulate excess fat. Age: Being over 50 and being overweight are two of the top things that predispose you to develop breasts. Medications: Medications for prostrate cancer, heart disease, schizophrenia, kidney disease and HIV can all cause a hormonal imbalance. Chemicals: Certain chemical compounds can cause your body to act as if it's getting a sudden dose of estrogen. These so-called estrogen mimickers can lurk in many surprising places including pesticides, soaps and essential oils. Steroid Use: If you're using steroids to get bigger and stronger, big boobs might be the price you pay. Studies have found that most men who use steroids develop puffy nipples and enlarged breasts. The condition continues even after they stop using steroids.

Is Surgery a Good Option for Boys With Gynecomastia?

Doctors don't recommend surgery for children and teenagers with this condition. There are several good reasons to avoid surgery.
reduce puffy nipples without surgery
Surgery can scar you emotionally and physically. Surgery for man boobs is invasive and painful. It may involve removal and reattachment of the nipples. This requires stitches and can leave scars. It can also require a long recuperation period.
You may grow out of it. Some boys develop gynecomastia when they reach puberty. Since most teenagers grow out of it by the time they're 17, it's not a good idea to get what might be unnecessary surgery.
It's expensive. Surgery to reduce male breasts is costly. Most insurance companies consider it elective cosmetic surgery and won't cover it. There's a better solution. If you're wondering how to reduce puffy nipple and look better without surgery, you're a good candidate for a compression garment.

How to Cope With Gynecomastia

Fortunately, there are some excellent solutions for dealing with those large breasts and sore, swollen nipples. Here are some methods that work.

Lose Weight

If your male breasts are weight-related, losing weight can help reduce their size. Weightlifting will help give you a smooth, firm chest. However, even after losing weight, you may still have the appearance of puffy nipples.

Avoid Environmental Toxins

There's evidence that hundreds of household and personal care products contain estrogen-mimicking ingredients. These include plastics, phtalates, pesticides and metals such as copper and mercury. Try to avoid using these. You should also avoid lavender essential oils.

Wear Compression Garments and Nipple Covers

Compression shirts are a comfortable way to hide your breasts and look great in your clothing every day. Compression tees are another good option if you feel self-conscious at the gym or the beach. Nipple covers are a safe, comfortable way to prevent chafing and hide the look of puffy nipples.

How to Reduce Puffy Nipples

The best way to deal with puffy nipples is to cover them or wear a compression garment. The compression garments we sell are designed to be comfortable for all-day wear. They provide a firm, smooth look under clothing. Our compression shirt gives you allover, invisible slimming. It's the ideal solution for daily use.

Benefits of Compression Garments

  • You can avoid liposuction and surgery.
  • They're an immediate solution that's always available.
  • You can wear them anywhere.
  • The fabric is lightweight and breathable.
Puffy nipples in men are a serious side effect of gynecomastia. If your nipples and large areola are prominent, you might be experiencing chronic pain from chafing in addition to embarrassment. Young boys are often too self-conscious to even bring up the problem. Nipple covers are the ideal solution. They're small, comfortable patches you can wear all day to hide your swollen nipples and get relief from the pain.

Benefits of Nipple Covers

  • They give you relief from the itching and chafing.
  • They are thin and flexible for a comfortable fit.
  • They're made with medical grade adhesive and will not fall off.
  • You can look and feel better instantly.

You Don't Have to Live With Man Boobs

If you're fed up with the pain and embarrassment of male breasts, don't let anyone tell you surgery is the only answer. Our compression garments are a comfortable, safe and affordable alternative.
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